Trail-Mix Campground

January 22, 2009

Trail-Mix Campground

Trail-Mix Campground

The trail-mix campground felt is nearing completion. I was so delighted by the memory that was being stirred as I made this piece, as it is a commemoration of an activity that my son and I shared- we conquered a mountain. The nostalgia of the event may have overshadowed the execution of the composition but I will not be able to fully comment until the highlights are added. I proudly shared the piece with my son, hoping the mountain climbing event left him with warm fuzzy feelings. Wrong!!! It was definitely more of a mothers’ affectionate slice of time, to be cherished alone. Anyway my feelings are not dashed, as I think the piece turned out interesting for a representational dry felted piece. It added some new techniques to my visual vocabulary on the craft and I am exuberant to press onward.

3 Responses to “Trail-Mix Campground”

  1. darin Says:

    beautiful debra! excited to see you working again!

    • Deb Seeger Says:

      Thank you Darin, I am having a great time. Yeah, I have a glass commission but they have yet to put up a deposit, so, I have yet to go much further…only sketches, watercolors.

      Congrats on your sculptured pieces. How did you meet these patrons? What a wonderful thing to do something that ya love and get rewarded with pay.

  2. Georgy Says:

    That is a great piece of art! Children never appreciate! I am sure he was proud of you without saying it.

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