Times They Are a Changin’

January 20, 2009

I used to love that song by Bob Dylan.  I am still looking for a metal and wood washing board. Once a stable in a woman’s home, and yet, I can not find one any where in town. I am not ordering one of these over the Internet the shipping would be outrageously a nightmare.

Yooo Whooo Santa I need one of these

I most likely will have to make a scavenger hunt to second hand stores in off beat sections in larger nearby city. If that fails then, antique malls, here I come. Why do I need this antiquated piece of equipment? The density of rolled and hand agitated projects it is usable in many ways, however I need and want a density that makes a nice thumping sound when flicked with a fore finger and thumb.  Okay, it is not for the sound I desire this tightness, or even any current technical necessity but more for the personal victory.  Today’s felted piece reminds me of some recent NASA photos; they were not my inspiration. I was experimenting with dark colors then light angel hair layers of different tonalities of the same color base. Pinks to deep russets browns, so, I am excited about posting photographs. The batteries for my camera are hiding somewhere in my studio, I took them out of the charger last evening and are no where to be found.


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