One Forward Two Back

January 17, 2009

Another Step Closer

The purpose of this exercise was threefold.

  1. Using an image without a ground—the green is a towel for drying purposes.
  2. Blending of colored fibers using a steel comb because I lack proper carding combs. My result was not anymore satisfactory than just hand combing by pulling the fibers multiple times until the colors were blended. Definitely a set of wool carders are on the shopping list…Santa please bring me a late present.
    antique hand card combers

    antique hand card combers

  3. Thin as possible felt

One of my former art students visited my studio, last evening. She was  admiring how thin and delicate this new groundless spiral felt in her hand.  She looked up to the walls of my studio which are covered with paintings, bascially all spirals that can be seen if one scrolls back in this blog. One wall  proudly speaks with red paintings, one is varing shades of blue. and a handful of green.

She looked puzzled, with conjuncture in her voice, “I wonder what would happen if this (pointing to the felt) were applied to a painting? ..Of course when the paint is wet!”

Spiral Without Ground

Spiral Without Ground

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