Composition 3

January 14, 2009

Composition 3

Composition 3

Yesterday I posted about the experiments I have been doing with felting. I want to thank Nicola Brown of Ireland for her guidance, as some of those discoveries were HER IDEAS or results of  her labor of love. I am still curious how Nicola has such control over the line quality as mine  wander and go their own way.  I will accept the free form approach only until I uncover the secret of success. Here are some of Nicola’s master pieces: . I also shamelessly gathered a few tips from the felt makers of Ireland, There was an exquisite video on slippers that blew me away as she used an old fashion hand washing board to finalize the density of the felt. This item is on my “to purchase list” if they are still sold here in America or if I am fortunate enough to secure one at a second hand store.  I am gearing up for the Valentine projects.

Using the felted piece done on Dec 30- Jan 1. I did some cutting and slashing to expose the under layers where the gold leafing was hiding. Then, a touch of needle felting was added and I was off to the sewing machine for stitching. I am beginning to like the results and am intrigued to make some cuffs using these techniques.

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