Trail Mix Landscape

January 4, 2009

I often listen to a local public radio station and on Sundays, Bob McWilliams, who has a definite gift of putting  a mood together for broadcasting, produces a show called, “Trail Mix” .  Today the music was lively, energetic and fun.  I was grooving to the spins and enjoying myself in the studio, the first in a long period of time. So, I dedicate this piece to Bob and his talent. These photographs are of the first stage. This piece was felted a bit differently than previous pieces as  the screening  was not enclosed with thread thus the result is a exaggerated deckle edge and a thinner felted piece. I fulled the piece and added greens /blues to the back for stabilization. I have invested 7 hours into this piece –I began at  10:30AM.   I am anticipating maybe 30 hours to completion.

One can see in the close ups the metallic threads embedded.  Once the wool is thoroughly dried I intended to experiment with extensive machine stitching with rayon embroidered thread (it has a slight sheen).  I am terrible excited about this piece and it is inching me towards the goal of white on white felt for a show this summer.  Thanks Bob for the inspiration.

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