ReLearning Felt

January 1, 2009

I did a burn test on the grey fiber roving.  Wool is fire resistant  protein fiber (hair) when it is burned the flames slightly flickers and give off an odor of burning hair.  The result is a black ash with no formations.  Had it been mixed contents, the odor would have been the same, but the ash would contain  black uncrushable, tiny balls. Though I must admit , I have yet to test nanofibers, they, potentially, may reflect the same characteristics.  I gave a swing at re-felting the previous piece which had many separating fibers. I added more roving covering the large red/orange dominating spiral and gold leafing.  I felted it for an additional hour and it turned out gloriously.  It is tight, dense, and luxurious hand.  I am gaining excitement in these experiments as I prod along toward of my goal of white postcards with gold wire.

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