New experiment

December 28, 2008

Wool roving is not suppose to be cut but I had to try it. I like the way it is cleaner and less fuzzy looking–more graphic. These are steps to use wool fibers (already carded) to making a solid piece of wool felted fabric. The pics are fairly self explanatory. These are merely meant to explore the characteristics of wool , how it binds together, how much control is needed to manipulate the various strands and how much movement /shrinkage will occur during the aggitation and processing.  These samples are destined to be cut  for other smaller projects such as eyeglass casses, or small hand bag.  This over all process is not difficult but the tips learned only through expereince have slipped in my 20 year retirement thus doing this samples will reignite  the thousands of hours invested in learning about fibers, their strengths, weaknesses and the interplay with other protein or cellulose fibers.

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