Felt Painting

December 13, 2008

Shadows at Night

Shadows at Night

Sample of  Wool Felt painting.  This began as wool roving pieces 18″ x 9″, each layer placed at 90 degree angles with approximaely six layers.  I place it between two sheets of  window glass screening and bast the edges together with thread. The wool was soaked in warm water, lathered with ivory bar soap and agitated by hand. Then, alternating boiling water with ice cold water with rubbing and pressure.  The combination of heat, agitation and pressure causes the wool fibers to bind together into a dense, tight  fabric.  The bling was added with 24 guage  brass wire.  The finished dimensions are: 15″ x 9″.

I was told it would shrink 30 percent but I think that is for wool that is loosely knitted or crochet. This is more original and less craft like,  this process is like the wool made in Tibet. Many Americans, who are a product of their society like things fast and easy but the end result reflects such.  To the trained eye, felt made in the washing machine is FAST and EASY but it NOT the density or the tightness of hand made felt. Beginning to end: six hours including photography.

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