Cold Glass Studio

December 13, 2008

Working with glass as I do, is called cold glass. This studio is in my home and yet I have not darken the doorway in over a year. Projects in progress lay in wait under a blanket of dust like an abandoned lover. While I was tinkering around trying to get mentally and creatively get back to where I left off , it is  hard not to regret all the wasted hours devoted to nonproductive things (i.e. watching TV. surfing the net, maturing my feelings of self pity, daydreaming).  I so recall what Art professors used to preach to the class, 10% talent and 90% perspiration is what equates success.

Another professor once told me , “Just putter around in the studio, cleaning, organizing,  sweeping and  being surrounded  by colors and motivating things on your walls rouses the creativity deep within your soul.  Life is dancing on the walls and begging to be the inspiration, which will evolve into a masterpiece. Just hang out in your studio”. She was right. Walking through that door way is the hardest part. So, while I have frittered away 12 months waiting for inspirational talent to drip from my finger tips, dust moved in. I should be fair to myself in that I have spent the last year uncovering the cries of paint on canvas.  Yeah, there have been screams buried inside clawing to get out and so I finally allowed them room to escape. I have spent a year  painting spirals. Not a true waste of time  as even doodles serve an active purpose if viewed in the right light.

I discovered  many years ago that I worked best when I had two projects in opposite mediums developing at the same time.  I was solely focused on the painting  thus why the progress was slow going. When I encountered a block or not able to resolve an issue on one project I merely moved to the other. While my hands were working I could simmer the problem and discover resolution.


One Response to “Cold Glass Studio”

  1. Yea professor is so right but inspiration can overcome many problems.

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