Stain Glass Sauage Legged Table

December 7, 2008


Walnut side table foundation for glass painting

Walnut side table foundation for glass painting

This project  will work in tandem with the felting project, the table idea has brewed and aged longer than the felting project, thus it’s progress will be more evident.
Until this project all my stain glass work has been spontaneous as I was merely learning the characteristics of glass (i.e. cutting techniques, tools, the behavior of glass with the adhesives, how shapes related to one another on the flat plane and creating my own colored grout with pigments) I have enjoyed this learning experiment as I just let the glass go and do what it wanted instead setting a plan to manipulate it.  Now, with a better grasp on its limits, and immense possibilities, I can begin to do some “real work”.  Here is a doodle I did while impatiently waiting on something or someone.  It has been in my sketch book for over two years. On a different note, I secured an awesome walnut side table with original sausage legs at a second hand store all by the graciousness of a total strange.  A lady had the table in her cart to check out and I commented how lovely the legs were and how lucky she was to find it.  She thought a second, then, said, “Here you can have this table”.  She took it out of her cart and left the store. I was stunned even after getting home with my treasure. It has slept in my workroom for maybe three years.  Two weeks ago I embarked to transform this table. So, I am documenting the progression as it happens, which is another first for me as I usually recreate the steps after the projects in afoot. I IMMEDIATELY  seen revisions, the size fo the colored sketch did not translate to the table size thus, some artistic licenses was exercised. and I think the velum is too congested so it will get simplified.

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