New Zealand Roving

December 4, 2008

A major and often issue for artist is justifying the cost of supplies. I have a project that has been on the drawing board six to seven months. I did some local pricing, along with some – shopping and could not justify giving up my food allowance for wool and wire (combo of $300.00). ok ok creative block could be procrastinated endlessly  and blamed on lack of supplies so I had to just make a mark and begin the journey. Some well known artist have painted on corrugated cardboard as a creative move  to stretch supply budgets. I am not one to back away from a few difficulties hence I glanced around my studio and an abundant project from last year’s stained glass explorations were screaming for a new home. I inhaled with a deep breath (yeah, I get goo gah  attached sometimes to my creations) and constructed  an ad, requesting a trade of items.  To my surprise, I got an immediate response–within hours of posting. I was more interested in absorbent white New Zealand roving for its quality is luscious and I can either do white on white which was the plan or I can easily dye my own color palate of wool.

Well, The artist brought  ten bags of brightly colored roving, which is raw fleece that that has been cleaned and combed with metal brushes to straighten the fibers into one direction. Then, grouped together into a rope-like product.  The wool is usually used for spinning into yarn but less industrious fiber artist began using this for felting purposes.  Initially color  was not in my plan, at all.  There was only a small quantity of the creamy white wool and disappointment sank in my heart.  Since, I like challenges, it seemed only sensible to accept all she was willing to barter, because I KNEW I would want it sometime in the future.  Needless to say, I am  several steps from beginning the project yet here are a few pics of my new goods.


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