Spirals in Architecture

June 25, 2008

Spirals: I saw an interesting illustration in an EU rag, no article, just a graphic of several galaxies all swirling in a spiral, it was very moving to see the patterns. I, so wanted, to read the article but could locate no accompanying text.  Not all was lost as it spurred  my quest for spirals even further.  I was reminded of the tension stairs of Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners in an apartment house located in downtown Chicago. Yeah, it is 15 years old but the grace in the movement and the light of the glass is still fresh and tantalizing . .. again I was emotionally moved by the beauty and grace of the spiral movement. OK, this calls for some deeper investigation but I am going to the JazzHaus (local hang out) for some grassroots vibs. To be continued, ya’ll.

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