Leah: The True Favored One

June 12, 2008

Spirals of lifeWho was really favored, Leah, the one rejected by her husband , Leban and even Rachel.  As I did this triptych, I thought about the people who are easy on the eyes and how it appears they can do no wrong thus appeared to be favored while the invisible people are often the backbone skeleton of projects, ideas. It is not a glamorous part of the body the backbone but how could humans function without one.

Today someone asked me if my work is abstract. It is my belief that abstract and even abstract expressionism uses an object, or idea and reduces it to line, color or basic shape. Thus, is it reductive or subtractive. My work is narrative in nature and I used iconic images some which I invent or borrow to convey a story.

It is through representation people know and understand the world and reality through the act of naming it,(Mitchell 1995).We manipulates signs in order to make sense of our world (Mitchell 1995).

Representation has been associated with aesthetics (art) and semiotics (signs). Mitchell (1995) says ‘representation is an extremely elastic notion, which extends all the way from a stone representing a man to a novel representing the day in the life of several Dubliners,’ (p. 13).

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