The Orange Tale

February 3, 2008

zezterback.jpg zesterfront.jpg zesteroranges.jpg beginning.jpg halfzested.jpg

completed.jpgOne hour after carving

citrus.jpg One day later

7days1.jpg Seven days later

21days.jpg 21days

aged-fruit.jpg 6 months

I made carved these elegant fruits for a birthday gift for Kristen as she was working crushed cherry juice as a medium in between glascine sheets. After each were carved, they were set aside to dry. They had to be rotated ever day to maintain the roundness of the fruit. As the juice dehydrated, naturally the fruit began lighter in weight. By the end of 21 days they were hollow and extremely hard similar to a paper mache piece. I wrapped each piece in fruit wrappers and artistically placed in a box awaiting shipment for her November birthday. The 19th came and disappeared off my radar screen as I had secured a job with a telecom. Nine years later when I was moving to a new house I discovered the trinkets. They had not deteriorated in size only in color. It was a fun experiment.


One Response to “The Orange Tale”

  1. lindeeg Says:

    I LOVE these fruit candies! This is one of my favourites as well because they are so whimsical! And oh how they DO look like candies! The pictures are full of life…they make me giggle like a kid in the candie store! Remember the joy pixie sticks evoked? All the colors to choose from? These remind me of those except way cooler!

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