Purification Loyality

October 28, 2007


“One can not feel true happiness until one experiences loss …” a man quoted as saying in regards to losing all his worldly possessions after a California fire.  To add insult to injury last year his daughter died and the year before had a family business fail. Thus he is no stranger to purification.    I seem to have lost my freshness, and spontaneity that I once tasted in the success of my art work, my career and my relationships.  The cares of the world are weighing heavily and I feel flatten like a pancake.  It is frightening to lose resilience and see oneself as a sac of tiredness. I sense what Job felt like when his friends pointed their fingers at him and told him to curse God and get on with it.


One Response to “Purification Loyality”

  1. faizee Says:

    hey hi..wonderful work! Appreciate your expression, both with words and colors.Hope all’s well at your side.

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