Wall of Red Paintings

September 22, 2007

Wall of Red Can you see a sea of red paintings where each can stand on its own merits but the sum of its parts is even stronger? This is in progress. It is an expression of us, we have our own voice and convictions; yet, we stand together in this decaying world. I read a posting by a Father Stephen and why the small things matter. The words were emotionally touching because I often discount the small things in daily life, as I strive to obtain a level above survival mode. It is devastating to be rejected, tossed on the heap, viewed as spent, of little value when I once was singing and earning gold…… My input was highly valued and backed with a salary exceeding abundance, laced with benefits and regular, handsome quarterly bonuses with constant talk of cutting-edge technology. I miss the mass of people I met on trains, planes, the sleek,colorful work environments not to mention the off hours play grounds.  Someday I will look back on this solitary life as a blessing but currently I crave for the excitement of hectic airports, business suits, deadlines and long hours. Yeah, vanity, vanity all is vanity because love is where the important things lay— without it, we are a clanging cymbal explaining why I am so brassy. Love only comes from the power higher than me, the one who gave atonement for my short comings. yet He seems so remote and unconcerned with my state of affairs as He sees a bigger, all encompassing picture.


One Response to “Wall of Red Paintings”

  1. balm Says:

    What i see is your passion for life and relationships. We are more valuable in the spending when spent well. Thanks for giving of yourself to others and bringing color to this darn world. All is meaningless if this is ALL there is, but there is God, and there is love, and there is you. What you do each day and who you are is incredibly valuable, the same currency as it was when others measured it well before. Is it possible that God gave you those moments to show you how he sees you, so that you can live knowing who you really are without those external supports? Maybe this feeling and passion sometimes wears different clothes and drives different cars. I haven’t figured it all out yet:), but I do know being around all kinds of people is exciting and getting out and living life on the continuum! Besides,you are an inspiration in many ways, and I don’t think I could say that if you lived somewhere else for the last year. Thanks for being here and painting those lovely red paintings. -S

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