Three reds in Progress

September 16, 2007

misc-026.jpgThree red work in progress. I hate stopping works in progress as it’s hard to pick up the momentum that previously blazed golden. There is something intriguing about the purging, purification that comes from fire. these works speak of fire colors but the images are most cells of life.

2 Responses to “Three reds in Progress”

  1. balm Says:

    of course we love red paintings, i really like the ideas going on in all three. i am partial to the right and bottom and shannon is paritial to the circle one. you should see the photo of the painting i just posted of the photoshoot Joel and I took of shannon’s new orange painting at . i know i cant believe i did a new blog page!

  2. Deb Seeger Says:

    I am having fun enjoying this.

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