Hidden Treasures

July 31, 2007

coppercloseup.jpgIntelligence is a long debated subject, there have been standards devised yet it is well known fact they are biased by the authors environment/intellect. Then, Howard Gardener came along with his seven levels of intelligence, which gathered the creative slice of society as a mother hen would her chicks. Emotional intelligence a whole slice of a different pie, which is rarely addressed or taken seriously. The past 12 years I have oozed with envy to have what a group called Mensa, the “supposedly” top two percent of society’s intellectual group contains. I have worked for firms that only hire the top two percent of their school class. I seem to gravitate to those with higher reasoning skill sets. So, what has intelligence come to mean to me? Not one who can recall facts, figures or trivia at the snap of a finger, or those in prominent leadership positions, or even those who have intuitively extracted from life what they need. To me what it means to be intelligent is one who knows who they are inside, is sensitive enough to see past others behaviors and understand them as people, one who assesses situations or circumstances and can accurately address it not project or jump to symptom conclusions. I believe an intelligent person is insightful, mature, humble and caring and yet appropriately interjects humor into a tense state of affairs.


2 Responses to “Hidden Treasures”

  1. Dyani Says:

    What a wonderful way of expressing what it is to be intelligent. Finally someone who can recognise that understanding has more value than knowing and that if someone thinks they know then they limit the scope of their own intelligence. Beuitiful words which are well written, a high point in my day.

  2. Deb Seeger Says:

    Thank you and kindness is a knightly virtue that massages the heart with long lasting affects.

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