Silent Tears

July 28, 2007

There resides a secret code consisting of tears in a bottle seen only by those who have the encoding. It is not an encoding that any person can chose for themselves. It is a marking that is exceedingly painful and totally inescapable for those who seek truth. NO man welcomes or embraces these tears, at first. We, as humans deny them, run from them, hide them and even attempt to destroy them. They are heavy and wearisome. They are relentless and press the very life out of us. Our breath, what we have made of ourselves is snuffed out like a candle on a winter night: cold and lonely. We die not a physical death but an emotional, spiritual type of death, one that is ugly, and, unattractive to others. As we give up the ghost, new life is birthed. A beauty resides for those who can behold the tears and not become embittered by the unyielding suffering they bring.gouachemask2-sold.jpg


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