Tears Shall Pass Away

July 26, 2007

I was depositing a minuscule check into the bank and anxiously wanted to see the daily balance. Instead of rummaging through my purse to located my reading glass, remove them from their secure case and raise them to my aging eyes, I merely curled my index finger and peek through. The teller smiled when I looked up and he told me a friend used to do it. I commented “Yeah vanity darkened my door step, walked through and has just kept on going.” I , now do or don’t do things unlike 4 years ago. As an example I would have never considered exposing the world to an non- makeup face. NOW, I rarely wear any, except to a job interview. The list of must do’s has shrank considerable in light of present issues. It seems these days I am living atop a house of cards, one good Kansas wind and I would easily become, not out of desire but necessity, a bag lady. Granted my bags would be buttery soft Coach bags. I was telling a friend thisstory the other day and he so kindly informed me that bags have evolved to Samsonite luggage. So “vanity vanity all is vanity except to have faith, hope and love.”orange.jpg


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