July 6, 2007

As I was telling my friend in Montana last night, about this project, I felt an urgency to post it on the blog. It is a slight repeat for some but I would like to press onward to define, refine this project and see where it leads.

In 2004 I recognized the high “quality” plastic(of one can legitimately use quality as an adjective for plastic) that sheltered our newspapers from rain and the lawn sprinklers. I contemplated for months over the nice translucent blue bags. They has a reflective quality about them as most plastic does, but the color still intrigued me. My interest in this project was highly ironic, as I have NEVER worked with any synthetic fibers. Therefore, this was a challenge beckoning to be conquered. As most ideas, it came to me in the middle of a sleepless night to cut the bags in a circular way as to created a long ribbon then knit with it. I turned the exercise into collaboration by uniting my neighborhood, which eagerly saved all their newspaper bags for about a month. The project was set in motion as I finished the prototype; the cat felt highly compelled to add her destroying signature on several finishing edges. Since I am not really a knitter, I had no idea how to repair it. The whole thing was an experiment and I was not that committed so I gave up the vision. Three years later some artist were in my studio and saw the mangled piece and encouraged me to press onward to finish the project. I responded to their prodding begrudgingly and completed the piece. I took it to an art conference, as a “joke” since it does not reflect or display any of my interest or talents.

Four nights into the Art via Affrimativa conference in St Paul, Minnesota, I was taking down my other art work and packing it up when a gal from Yale University showed some interest in the dress. I asked her if she wanted to try it on and she excitedly agreed. As we chatted the ideas began to flow, let’s do a fashion show of this dress HERE, NOW at the conference. Within an hour a film maker/ dance professional, worked out steps for the model’s runway walk. Then, a musician heard about it and put together some House chi, chi chink kind of beats. Sorry to have not captured the whole event in video/sound. It was beyond words.


One Response to “Sustainability”

  1. balm Says:

    it was AWESOME!

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