Der Blaue Reiter

July 4, 2007

Der Blaue Reiter (the blue riders) impressed me when I was a coed. The vivid colors were so raw and stark; their work demanded attention. At that time, it required too much of my attention as I was investigating the quite, austere Japanese works, especially the fine crafts—the National Treasures of Japan. I spent 15 years exploring, re-inventing, and self expressing their subdued nature and respect for quietness into my daily world. I was invited to do some stain glass mosaic work, and I fell deeply in love with color and how light influence the mood of a piece of glass. I worked for 6 months with glass and color in its purest form, when I turned my attention back to painting. The rich jewel tones of my paintings contain a reminiscent flavor of Der Blaue Reiters and the foundation of the German Expressionist. Kandisky, Russian born, working in Germany 1911-1914 instigated the five painters, Marc, Klee, Mackey and even Picasso whose works were rejected by the salons. The Impressionist was just becoming vogue with their attention to light and how it defines or breaks up an image. Picasso, de Braque and Gris has just begun their experimentation with collage while Kandinsky’s non-representational was rejected but his work became the foundation of modern abstract painting….that of raw emotion and marks with paint.. Kandinsky’s work is highly spiritual in parallel to Marc Chagall (although Chagall’s work is more iconographical and a response to the Russian programs against the Jews and revolution of 1911). kissyfish.jpg

I identify with the Der Blaue Reiters, because of the freedom they sought. Their work was exceedingly revolutionary; the salons called them Das Wilde Tier (the wild animals). I have an inner sense of wildness but my environment much like fish contains it. Fish seem so free, balanced and unrestrained in their environment but they are highly confined by their environment. That which sustains their life, also binds and keeps them captive. I so feel the same confined by my environment but out of it, I might perish as a fish out of water. My wild beastly colors conceptually convey my personal feelings about my environment, surroundings and those who emotionally feed me.

One Response to “Der Blaue Reiter”

  1. balm Says:

    the colors remind us of the dresses you wear – dannon

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