Liquid Gold

July 1, 2007

When Christo wrapped the sidewalks of Loose Park, KC in 1977, an emotion moved and filled my inner being. I attended many of those pre-planning meetings. Not one dollar for his projects was funded by public funds; it was totally funded by his private sales of the prelim sketches, watercolors and renderings. He only hired(s) local people and bought his materials within the city of installation. He was (is) committed to helping the economy even in a temporary fashion. The day of unveiling came and I waited with anticipation to walk on the sidewalks with the setting sun. A slight breeze rippled the parachute fabric that had a slight silk sheen and shimmer. I was walking on liquid gold and limitlessness of fabric/textiles unfolded before me. A desire to work with textile was finalized. Previously to this surreal experience I had flirted with batik, making designs with wax and dye on fabric that tantalized the eye. I liked flea markets and I bought vintage table linens for a song. The rich damask linen added dimension to my flat surface, creating shinny and matt designs under my wax markings. The Juxtaposing the new marking with the old weavings stirred irony within me, a tension that excited me and birthed a love affair with textiles.

One Response to “Liquid Gold”

  1. balm Says:

    we cant wait to see what new thing you will do

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