June 24, 2007

Darin White and Shannon White (D & S), whom I teasingly call each Dannon, have been exceedingly instrumental in the renewal of my expressive gifts. Darin and Shannon’s commitment to calling out the talents within artist has been amazing to witness. Their care and concern to facilitate the artist to being expressive in their respective passion has been overwhelming impressive. I was skeptical at first but as I see how they interact with artist of various medium, I see D & S as the unselfish, giving people. They tend to take a negative and immediately see the good in it and multiple the good. Not only are D & S talented and accomplished artist themselves, their passion for the arts and life is unmatched. They have a vision of the intertwining of the two, which can’t be separated. Darin’s sculptures are executed with a fine eye to elements creating a dialogue amongst line, light and shape. Shannon’s dedication to the human figure and its beauty is moving. The portraits she composes are not just reflective of the outer flesh but the heart of the individual. I am grateful for the passion they have extended to me. Visit their site to see what they have accomplished in just a few months. http://balmorg.wordpress.com/

One Response to “B.A.L.M”

  1. balm Says:

    too sweet for words. blessings – dannon

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