June 23, 2007

I am clueless what exactly goes into a blog, is it a mere record of the ramblings of my mind? Or should I have some metaphoric, poignant vision? I have been an early riser since a youth. The morning air, sounds, quality of light fascinates me because I am bursting with energy and my senses seem to be keenly heightened. My mom would wake up to find me outside playing in my jammies amongst my imaginative animal friends. This morning a storm has passed through as the sun was rising. The sky was blackish, grey with the yummy color of midnight blue-that deep indigo with a slight touch of green. As a textile artist with ADD, I tend to wander in and out of various mediums. It as always been an issue, for me to focus and master one medium thus I often give into the temptation and digress. The wandering path does not last long as I quickly discover that nothing satisfies me more than the textures found in fibers/textiles.

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