ART Conference

June 23, 2007

FIBERS Debra Seeger

A few days ago I returned from an inspiring five days with 60 artists in Minneapolis. I was internally moved by the emotional comradely about art and God. At one discussion table, we were talking about the work of our hands and someone asked about mine. As a process person, I mentioned how I love the smell of paint, how it feels to scoop up paint on my brush and how it feels when it touches the surface. My focus sharpens and the sensitivity is heightened when I am in the studio. I am emotionally charged when I mix my own colors. I am passionate about the smell of paint. As I described my intimately with creating, several at the table nearly jumped out of their chairs with excitement. They explicate their similar experience when approaching painting. Naturally, this surprised me. I have mentioned the same in the past and received looks as though I just ate paste or something comparably odd.

With my other artist friends we discuss rational content, scholarly technique and cerebral relevance to the art world, not how we feel as we did the painting or what was happening internally as we make marks on canvas, paper or fabric. I suppose my painting is a form of worship to a power higher than myself. Guess I am uncertain where other artist go when they paint/create.

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